We try our best to get your interior to you as soon as possible. We know you are excited and we totally understand that. However we appreciate your understanding that quality can’t be rushed. We aim to deliver our luxury interior in 10-14 days. These times are based on averages from previous orders. Please note delivery can be faster and can sometimes be longer depending on how busy we are and what coutry you order from.

The best way to get started is to have a look at some other mats we have made for other customers, get some inspiration and then use our state of the art design fucnction on our website to create your own custom floor liners

After delivery, you may notice that the mats are slightly creased, If this is the case don’t worry follow the instructions below: Fit your mats into place in your vehicle, if your mats have it (some don’t), you will see little plastic swivels, these are to hold the mats in place. They fit in behind your vehicle trim. Give the car mats a few days to bed into the shape of your vehicle, it helps to put the heating on around the foot wells to help them settle into place better. On some occasions you may see a slight crease affect where the mats have bent over, this should fade over time but keep the heating on it and it will fade quicker. If you have any problems Please contact us:

As all of our products are made to order we don’t offer any refunds, however, if there is anything wrong with the interior due to a manufacturing fault we will replace the interior until the customer is 100 percent satisfied. Any interior which needs to be returned needs to be sent to our head office. All delivery charges for returned items will be reimbursed to the customer

Q. What material is the interior made from?

A. Faux leather. Very high-quality faux leather with revolutionary scratch and water proof technology. Very hard wearing and durable.

Q. How do they fit into my car? is it difficult?

A. Installation is really simple, however if you are struggling please get in touch with one of the team or watch our installation video

Q. Can you ship to anywhere in the world?

A. Yes we can. Luxmats is an international company. Our factory is strategically located which supplies all of our Luxmats representatives which make’s it just as easy to send anywhere in the world.

Do you love our products and think you could sell them? Do you have a car accessory shop? Are you a car dealer? Luxmats has an excellent wholesale set up and you could become a registered Luxmats retailer. Email us for more information

It is the customers responsibility to be aware of their countries import rules. custom fees may be applied which Luxmats has no control over. If in doubt please check your countries import fees. Most cases our products go through customs without charge